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What Are You Up To Now?
What are you currently doing at this moment (besides posting here, lol)?
Sitting here singing songs with my big little guy while the littlest guy eats his dinner (quesadilla bits and grape quarters). About to start our bedtime routine in a bit, so just steeling myself for that  Tongue-out-1 .  Daddy is in Hollywood hanging out with a friend for the night so it's just us 3!
Sounds fun! I'm just working on a logo for a client. I just made rice so I can make fried rice later!
Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with the guys and waiting for daddy to come home (with my iced PSL...)
I'm commenting on blogs right now, before getting ready for the day.
I just woke up.
Recovering from a long weekend at work, ran errands all day and finally (semi) relaxing/working on crafts for a baby shower tomorrow.

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