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My Miscarriage Story
On May 23, I found out I was pregnant. Sean and I were both scared at first but once we warmed up to the idea, we were beyond excited. We were counting down the days until our first ultrasound on June 29. That morning I was SO excited. I couldn't wait to see our baby but when we got to the ultrasound, we found out that there was no baby and I had a blighted ovum. I came home and cried for days. I just didn't know what I did to deserve this. I felt like I had experienced enough loss.

I went through a lot of testing because some nurses said they saw a fetus but it was just measuring really small, so we went through a few more ultrasounds and blood tests before officially calling it a miscarriage. I had no signs of losing the baby naturally so we decided to do the pills. I had to do THREE rounds of that over the span of a week and that is the most painful thing I've ever been through. After that, I STILL hadn't lost everything so I ended up needing a D&C. So from the time I found out I'd be miscarrying (June 29), I didn't have everything out until July 20. It was a long process and if that ever happens again (I hope it doesn't), I'd opt for the D&C right off the bat.

So here we are now, almost two months after the D&C and we are trying again. We'd like to have a baby as soon as possible. I'm hoping I can get pregnant again soon and carry this baby to term.

Has anyone else had a miscarriage? How did you cope?

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